Blue Toque Software has a number of open-source and commercial products. Here you will find software, code and libraries that demonstrate the range of expertise and capabilities we’ve developed in the company

Geographic Library

The Problem Many geospatial applications allow you to enter or to copy geographic coordinates. There are many reasons why a user may want to extract the latitude and longitude of a point from one program, and enter it into another program. For example, a user many need to text the information, email it or even […]


The XsdToClasses tool is an add-in for Microsoft Visual Studio that automates code generation from XML Schema Definition files (XSD), and allows the programmer to control, tune and override code generation. The tool is open source, and it is available here. It works with Visual Studio 2005, 2008, and 2010. Visual Studio Express Editions from […]

QuadTree Implementation in C#

Project hosted (open source) at BitBucket Download Demo Project Download Source Introduction A QuadTree is a spatial partitioning strategy used to make queries on relationships between 2D spatial data such as coordinates in a Geographic Information System (GIS), or the location of objects in a video game. For instance, you may need to know all […]


TrueNorth Geospatial is mapping software for backcountry professionals and enthusiasts. Born out of years of frustration at my experiences as a SAR member and avid backcountry recreationist at the lack of easy to use, accurate and powerful mapping software, TrueNorth was designed from the ground up to embody GIS-like power with word-processor like ease of […]


Yet Another Caller ID Program .NET edition Version  Copyright © 2007 Michael Coyle, Blue Toque Software Requirements: Windows XP with .NET 2.0 (available through windows update, or as a download from Microsoft) Modem that supports Caller ID Caller ID phone service from your phone company (this varies by region) 3MB Disk Space, 512 MB […]

Initializr and Pagedown

This project takes an HTML5 Boilerplate template known as Initializr and the text-based format known as Markdown and shows how you can deploy a static web site in Google Drive (or any other static web server) without a CMS. The contents of the web site are easily edited in a text editor. Markdown files are […]

A simple tracking service for Search and Rescue to locate lost people by smart phone After many years with a Search and Rescue team I’ve noticed that most of the people we search for don’t know how to make their smart phone show where they are, or share that location with us. Even worse, the […]

Missing Poster

I noticed Search and Rescue personnel having a little trouble taking a missing person’s photo and making a “Missing Person” poster with the relevant details. In particular I saw that they didn’t have enough time to do this with a Word template; most of them just “hack” the image together using Paint. This leads to […]