Try n times

A method to call another method n times or until it returns true (success). Used to talk to wireless devices in a noisy environment where each call has a chance of failure. bool Try(uint n, Func<bool> func) { int i = (int)(n == 0 ? 1 : n); do { if (func()) return true; i–; […]

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Update to SortableBindingList

I’ve been a using this implementation of the SortableBindingList by Tim Van Wassenhove for a few years now but recently I noticed that although making a change to the list updated all bound controls it did not update the backing collection. I switched back to a standard BindingList<T> in an attempt to resolve the issue and […]

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In 2013 BlueToque Software announced the creation of – a service primarily intended for Search and Rescue groups to locate missing people. In the three years since the service was launched, we have seen its use steadily increasing with many SAR teams throughout Canada and the United States making use of it to locate and verify the location […]

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A product in one week

BlueToque Software has been working on TrueNorth Geospatial, our light geographic information system, for a few years and we began getting feedback from our users that even though TrueNorth is easy to use (much easier than an enterprise GIS), they needed something even simpler. One of our users in particular needed a tablet based application […]

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TrueNorth Geospatial released

Blue Toque Software is very happy to announce that TrueNorth Geospatial has been released. This project has occupied our small company for the past five years. TrueNorth was designed and built to give people a simple “word processor” style interface to a Geographic Information System (GIS). Built on standards-based APIs, and supporting hundreds of file formats and devices, we hope that TrueNorth will fill the […]

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Blue Toque Software designed and built the web service a while back, and it became useful just a few weeks later on a search, assisting a local SAR group in locating a group of missing hikers. Since then SAR groups from around the world have been using the service and offering feedback. We are […]

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SARScene 2013

We will be exhibiting at SARScene 2013 at the Pacific Region Training Centre (PTRC) in Chilliwack BC this Saturday October 19th at the trade show. Company Principal Michael Coyle will be speaking at the conference as well on various topics from Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, Social Media and SAR, and Integrating Technology with Search and Rescue. […]

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BlueToque Software is very proud to announce the creation of, a simple location tracking and sharing service for Search and Rescue and other emergency response agencies. allows a user to request a location from another user via their HTML5/Javascript powered smart phone or other mobile device. Essentially, someone can, with the recipient’s permission, ask […]

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Missing Poster dedicated site

We received some feedback about the Missing Poster tool, and decided that it deserved its own support and documentation site. We launched it today. The site will function as support, documentation and information on the project and how you can contribute.

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Client Side Web Framework hosted in Google Drive

I’m a software developer designing a desktop application that is quite complex, and I was searching for a way to provide documentation for the system. I wanted the documentation to have the following features. It could be deployed with the software Works offline It could be deployed on the web It is easily editable It could be […]

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