TrueNorth Geospatial released

compass_rose_blackBlue Toque Software is very happy to announce that TrueNorth Geospatial has been released.

This project has occupied our small company for the past five years.

TrueNorth was designed and built to give people a simple “word processor” style interface to a Geographic Information System (GIS).

Built on standards-based APIs, and supporting hundreds of file formats and devices, we hope that TrueNorth will fill the gap between the simple free tools like Google Earth and the software that comes with your GPS and allow power users the functions they need without resorting to the training and expense of an enterprise GIS.

TrueNorth supports backcountry adventurers, skiers, hikers and climbers, four wheel drive and snowmobile enthusiasts, remote workers and explorers, foresters and silviculture, oil and gas, and anyone who needs to use maps, including printing and support for GPS and hand-held mobile devices.

Download a 90 day trial and see for yourself.

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