Why I don’t write “apps”

What is an “app?” Is it a useful tool, or a toy? Is it a piece of software carefully designed to fulfill a purpose, or is it just a bit of code that is part of a larger marketing and branding ploy? Is it necessary, bringing something unique to the world, or is it just […]

Serializable base class added to XSDToClasses project

At the prompting (or complaint) of a reader, I’ve shared a base class that I use with my code generator. The generated code is “pure” in that it doesn’t contain any methods that don’t have to do with the data — it doesn’t implement saving and loading methods. I could create a codemodifier for this, […]

Comparing performance of GDAL and Proj.NET

There are two major free/open source projection libraries available for use under .NET: GDAL and Proj.NET. GDAL has a long history, and is written in C++, so it’s compiled to machine code. The C# bindings are generated by a tool. Calling C++ from C# uses a process called “pinvoke” (Platform Invoke), and a certain amount […]

Installing an MVC Application in a subdirectory of WordPress

For several reasons I have WordPress installed in the root directory of my hosted web space. I’ve been experimenting with the new ASP.NET MVC framework, Entity Framework 4, SQL Server Compact Edition 4 and other new technologies, and I wanted to do a test deployment. I was quite surprised when, after deploying to a subdirectory […]


Introduction A QuadTree is a spatial partitioning strategy used to make queries on relationships between 2D spatial data such as coordinates in a Geographic Information System (GIS), or the location of objects in a video game. For instance, you may need to know all the objects within a region on a map, test whether objects are visible by […]