When YAC.NET is configured, it connects to a modem and monitors the phone line for Caller ID events. When it receives a call, and decodes the Caller ID, it then looks at a list of Listeners. These are the names and IP addresses of computers on your local network that YAC.NET will send the caller ID message to.

The list of listeners is edited by right-clicking on the YAC.NET notification icon, and choosing “Listeners…”. This brings up a dialog box that contains a name, address pair for each listener. The Name is the name of the computer on the network.

The purpose of the listener is to send the caller ID to that address. There, a program will monitor, or “listen” to for the information, and perform various tasks with it. For instance, YAC-MCE can take the caller ID information and display it as a pop-up on your Windows Media Centre. You can also install YAC.NET as a listener where it will log messages and show pop-ups for each call.

For example, let’s say a company has two or more phone lines and wants to log calls. They could set up YAC.NET on several computers attached to modems for each line. One of these installations could act as a listener, and the others could send the information to that install. The call log for each line would appear on the computer that is listening for events to be sent from the other lines.