Run as Service

YAC.NET can be run as a windows service. The advantages of this are obvious: the program starts when windows reboots. You don’t have to remember to start the program, and it can run unattended on a server with nobody logged in. It can send Caller ID events to all computers in the network, or it can just silently log calls.

To install YAC.NET as a service, just select “Run As Service” from the main YAC menu. We will refer to YAC.NET instaled as a service as “unattended mode”, and YAC.NET running as an application as “interactive mode”

When YAC.NET is run in interactive mode, it will detect the service and stop it while you run the application. It is assumed that when you run YAC.NET in interactive mode you want to change the configuration (edit the phone book, configure the modem, change the listeners), or view the call log. Once you quit YAC.NET, it will restart the service. This has the effect of reloading the changed configuration.

Any errors while running YAC.NET as a service will be entered into the System Application log. To access this log, chose Start->Run->eventvwr.msc, and look in the Application Log for events with the source YAC.NET.