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In 2013 BlueToque Software announced the creation of – a service primarily intended for Search and Rescue groups to locate missing people. In the three years since the service was launched, we have seen its use steadily increasing with many SAR teams throughout Canada and the United States making use of it to locate and verify the location […]

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Blue Toque Software designed and built the web service a while back, and it became useful just a few weeks later on a search, assisting a local SAR group in locating a group of missing hikers. Since then SAR groups from around the world have been using the service and offering feedback. We are […]

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BlueToque Software is very proud to announce the creation of, a simple location tracking and sharing service for Search and Rescue and other emergency response agencies. allows a user to request a location from another user via their HTML5/Javascript powered smart phone or other mobile device. Essentially, someone can, with the recipient’s permission, ask […]

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