Announcing SharpGpx

gpx256One of the major features of TrueNorth is data interoperability, and one of the most common file formats for exchanging GPS data is GPX. GPX is supported by many smart phones, GPS devices, and hundreds of software packages. So, one of the earliest features added to TrueNorth was GPX support.

GPX is an XML File format, and the two versions in existence have well-defined Xml Schemas (XSDs). In addition, they are very simple. This made writing the library very simple through the use of  XsdToClasses; using the tool, the code to validate, read and write the files was generated; about 3800 lines of code, in a few seconds.

Additional work on adding support for Garmin GPX Extensions, loading and saving from streams, files, and strings, and little polish with some helper methods, and the library was finished.

Today, BlueToque software would like to announce that the GPX library, SharpGpx, is being published as open source on CodePlex, and is available for immediate download to the public.

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